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Caquetaia myersi

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Caquetaia myersi a beautiful and large predatory cichlid from Columbia first typed by Schultz in 1944.  Caquetaia myersi has a protrusible mouth which means the mouth can extend quickly to create a vacuum allowing it to "inhale" prey fish.
Both males and females have a golden background sheen with several darker "tiger" stripes on the flank. The anal fin is tinged with turqoise and sometimes the paired fins have some red coloration.

The derivation of the genus comes from the name of the Rio Caqueta River, which flows into the Amazon. The species name myersi is a dedication to Dr. George Sprague Myers, an icthyologist at Stanford University.

Male Caquetaia myersi can reach a foot in length. Females are generally smaller. Sexing this fish isn't easy, but males are generally larger, are brighter in color, and have more pointed fin extensions.


According to an article in the ACA's Buntbarshe Bulletin" No. 181,Caquetaia myersi was found in the Rio Quebrada Mochilero, Rio Quebrada Aguas Calientes, Rio Quebrada Montanita and Rio Quebrada la Granada in Columbia. Water temperatures and makeup was highly variable (73-86F and 6.0 to 8.5 pH). The fish are usually associated with the vegetation at the sides of the river.
The collecting location is not considered safe due to guerilla activity, so I do not suspect we will see more wild stock any time soon.


These large, robust fish require a big tank. Juveniles and smaller individuals up to about six inches may be housed in a 75G tank, but I would suggest a 6-foot tank for adults. Caquetaia myersi is a big eater and generates a considerable amount of waste, so regular partial water changes and tank maintenance are required. I kept my fish in regular Chicago water (7.4 pH and very hard) at 78F and they did fine.



Caquetaia spectabilisis are ambush predators and are not above snacking on smaller companions. To be safe, do not keep Caquetaia myersi with any fish less than half its length. Fish of approximately the same size are an even better choice.
Caquetaia myersi is not a picky eater. I fed large Spectrum pellets, Tetra Cichlid Sticks, and large Dainichi Color FX pellets.

Caquetaia myersi

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